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The University of Basel is a 'multi-discipline University' in the traditional sense. It comprises of seven faculties offering a 'studium generale'. Education and research are of equal importance.

Under this flag you will find information regarding research in Computational Sciences at the University of Basel. We present some focal areas related with Computational Sciences at the University of Basel and briefly portrait the involved research groups. Comprehensive information regarding the activities of the respective research groups can be found on their individual websites. 

General information regarding research at the University of Basel

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What is Science? A parable from 1963

The following link leads to a letter, in which the question arises 'What is (good) science?':

B. K. Forscher, 'Chaos in the Brickyard', Science 18 October 1963

Publication - Poem by Emily Dickinson

Publication - is the Auction
Of the Mind of Man
Poverty - be justifying
For so foul a thing

... beginning of a poem by E. Dickinson


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