'Computational Toolbox' Winterschool 2018

Winterschool 2018 in Engelberg (Central Switzerland)

Within the PhD-programme 'Computational Toolbox', our 5th winterschool has been scheduled for February 2018, combining again high-caliber computational sciences with snow-sport activities in a truly spectacular setting. Dates: February 14th (Wednesday) through 17th (Saturday), 2018. Individual extension for 1 day possible. The winterschool counts 2 ECTS in the PhD programme 'Computational Toolbox'.

We will be hosted again by the historical Benedictine Monastery of Engelberg. Room and full board is provided by Monastery. Lectures will be held in modern, fully equipped rooms within the Monastery in the morning and during late afternoon/evening. After lunch, there is time for snow-sport activities.

Topics 2018:

  • "Virtual Reality in the Natural Sciences"

Invited Faculty and Guests:

  • Prof. Ch. Wagner, Research-Center Jülich, Jülich (D)
  • Prof. G. Glowacki, University of Bristol, Bristol (UK)
  • Prof. M. Reiher, ETH Zürich, Zurich (CH)
  • Prof. L. Witthaur, Uni Basel, Basel (CH)
  • Prof. R. Garcia, Leibniz-Supercomputing-Center, Garching/Munich (D)


  • Lectures in the morning and during late afternoon/evening
  • Presentation of your own computational activities with focus on HPC projects

Snow-sport activities in the Engelberg area (a selection):

  • Alpine-skiing / cross-country skiing / snowboarding / sledding
  • Winter-hiking / Snow-shoe-walks

Further information reg. sport activities and cultural events in Engelberg

Winterschool Engelberg 2014: picture gallery (a selection)

F. Hédin, Participants
F. Hédin, Church of Monastery of Engelberg
F. Hédin, Novel keyboard for mobile devices
F. Hédin, Monastery with Mt. Titlis

Winterschool 2018 e-Registration Form


Responsible for the PhD-Programme at the University of Basel:

Prof. M. Meuwly,
Dept. of Chemistry
E-mail: m.meuwly-at-unibas.ch

CCCS Executive Office

CCCS Executive Office
c/o Dr. Georg A. Funk
Physical Chemistry
Klingelbergstrasse 80
CH-4056 Basel

Phone +41 (0)61 207 5923

Office hours: Mon/Thu

Restricted Registration

The winter school is open only for PhD students enrolled in the PhD-programme 'computational toolbox'. Further information: Nadine Symonds, P: +41 (0)61 207 XXXX, E-mail: nsnadinesymonds-at-gmail.com

Mt. Titlis (3020 m.a.s.l.)