Lecture Course 'Advanced Methods in Computational Sciences'

The two-terms spanning lecture course 'advanced methods in computational sciences' is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, 14:15 to 16:00 in the small lecture hall (room 4.04, 2nd floor) at Physical Chemistry, Klingelbergstrasse 80. From 13:15 to 14:00, the computer room (room 2.11, located on the ground floor of Physical Chemistry) is reserved for individual work or exercises.

Assessment: In order to obtain the respective ECTS for the two-terms lecture course full attendance is required. Per term 3 ECTS can be obtained; in total 6 ECTS.

Fall Term 2017

19.09.2017H. HarbrechtIntroduction to MatLab
26.09.2017R. M. Cabezon,
M. Meuwly
Introduction / Programming in Fortran
03.10.2017R. M. Cabezon,
M. Meuwly
Introduction / Programming in Fortran
10.10.2017R. M. CabezonSmoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
17.10.2017R. M. CabezonSmoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
24.10.2017R. M. CabezonSmoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
31.10.2017P. CattinImage segmentation
07.11.2017P. CattinImage segmentation
14.11.2017P. CattinImage segmentation
21.11.2017P. CattinImage segmentation
28.11.2017S. GoedeckerOptimization
05.12.2017S. GoedeckerOptimization
12.12.2017S. GoedeckerOptimization
19.12.2017S. GoedeckerOptimization

Spring Term 2018

27.02.2018H. HarbrechtNumerical methods of PDEs
06.03.2018H. HarbrechtNumerical methods of PDEs
13.03.2018H. HarbrechtNumerical methods of PDEs
20.03.2018M. SteinhauserMonte Carlo Simulations
27.03.2018M. SteinhauserMonte Carlo Simulations
03.04.2018M. SteinhauserMonte Carlo Simulations
10.04.2018M. Zavolan, R. Neher, E. van NimwegenStochastic & Probablistic Inference Methods
17.04.2018M. Zavolan, R. Neher, E. van NimwegenStochastic & Probablistic Inference Methods
24.04.2018M. Zavolan, R. Neher, E. van NimwegenStochastic & Probablistic Inference Methods
01.05.2018Labour Day - no lectures!


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