PhD Programme 'Computational Toolbox'

The proposal for a postgraduate/doctoral programme in computational sciences termed 'Computational Toolbox', submitted by members of the CCCS, has been favourably evaluated by university bodies and was recently approved by the Rectorate. The PhD programme is due to start by July 1st 2013, and will provide the chance to present a broader and possibly in-depth education to all our postgraduate students.

Because the first Computational Science Bachelor students will only enter the PhD level some time this fall we initially wanted to encourage existing PhD students to participate in this programme. We had hoped for about 10 to 15 students by July 1st 2013.

The programme is carried out in collaboration with the USI/CSCS in Lugano and the ETHZ (D-BSSE and SAM), which provides us with a deeper and more varied educational programme than previously possible. We attempted to keep the curriculum extremely open. There are only two elements we would like to "strongly encourage" all students within 'Computational Toolbox' to attend:

1) the summer and winter schools organized by the USI in Lugano and the UniBasel;

2) a 2 semester course about 'Advanced Methods in Computational Sciences' (3 KP); this lecture course is currently being put together and starts in the HS 2013.

For all other credits students will be able to choose from an extensive collection of courses. A (preliminary) list with courses offered by the participating institutions is provided in the right sidebar. Similar topics are marked with identical colours. Should you prefer to attend other courses that suite you better, please get in touch in advance with a member of the PhD programme board - for students of the University of Basel e.g. with Prof. M. Meuwly.

Should you have additional questions, please let us (Dagmar Iber, Olaf Schenk, Markus Meuwly) know.


Responsible for the PhD-Programme at the University of Basel:

Prof. M. Meuwly,
Dept. of Chemistry

Transferable Skills

The PhD training programme 'Transferable Skills' has been developed/implemented by the Vice-Rectorate of Research; it is open to all PhD students of the University of Basel. Please note the hints reg. participation and registration.

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