We foster and support interdisciplinary, transfacultary and inter-university research. In order to achieve our goals, we cross institutional and disciplinary boundaries in education and research. We envision to establish a first class community both in education and research in the emerging Computational Sciences.

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Computer simulations

Based on mathematical models, numerical computer simulations create a simplified picture of the reality. This 'virtual' approach allows to get insight in areas which are beyond our scientifically approved konwledge. Hence it provides a source of inspiration for the development of novel ideas and the continuous refinement of theories or experiments.

Plausibility of numerical simulations hinges on the validation of the models used. To validate them, the following is required: reliable raw data, efficient algorithms and software, fast micro processors and high computational power, many replicates of the simulations.

In addition to a sound disciplinary knowledge, researchers in this fascinating field also require basic knowledge in software development, parallel- and high performance computing as well as in data visualisation. Our aim is to attract and motivate talented young individuals to enroll for a degree in Computational Sciences.

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