PASC 2017 Konferenz

28.06.2017 23:59

An interdisciplinary conference in HPC that brings together domain science, applied mathematics and computer science

The PASC Conference is focused on interdisciplinarity – bringing domain scientists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians together to drive computational science forward into the future. With more than 200 talks in total, this year’s technical program is its biggest yet. Highlights include plenaries from Katrin Heitmann (University of Chicago) on the state of the art in cosmological simulations, Katrin Amunts (Forschungszentrum Jülich) on advances in simulating the human brain, and 2016 ACM Gordon Bell Prize winner Haohuan Fu (Tsinghua University) on scaling and optimizing climate and weather forecasting codes. Matthias Troyer from Microsoft Research will present the bleeding-edge in quantum computing theory and usage, while Horst Simon, Deputy Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will discuss progress in neuromorphic computing and “superintelligence” – and whether humankind will ever be able to build truly self-aware or salient computers.

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